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Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol


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Thanks, this Update sounds good.

Reworked maps look really good and the Warframe sound really strong.

Finally Stasis is gone, this is what I was looking forward this whole year. Good to see that you rework old bosses, although The Sergant would have needed it more than Jackal. 

Overall seems like a nice Update to have some fun with.


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Thank you for the update, but can you let us mute Nora's reward speech lines?

I especially like the part where you released a crit-based glaive weapon and didn't solve the old bug of glaives non having crits at all on thrown attacks when dual wielding

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Thanks for the update. Excited for the new quest/frame and the new gamemode.

Can we get regular machete re-released (potentially in events like scarlet spear/plague star)?

6 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added login milestone reward blueprints (Zenistar, Azima, Zenith, and Sigma & Octantis) to Simaris' Offerings. 

  • Blueprints for each only appear in his Offerings if they have already been previously selected as login rewards. 


Or even add it to simaris like this.

Currently it is only obtainable through daily logins which is very annoying if it's your last item to level even with 1200+ days 🙃

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My best faithful friend:



"Invasions" menu problems:

1. https://gfycat.com/complicatedposhbumblebee

2. https://gfycat.com/fortunatebriskamericanblackvulture


В 21.05.2020 в 23:23, CzechZ0ne сказал:

9 months ago I posted this issue on reddit, it got a lot of attention, but none from DE 😞



Issue with Kuva missions:




Strange things... need some fixing:






About Baruuk:

After using Baruuk's 2nd skill on some Bosses (Lieutenant Lech KrilGeneral Sargas Ruk for example) they don't wake up if you hit them.



About Titania:

1. https://gfycat.com/briskwelldocumentedasianporcupine

2. https://gfycat.com/faroffimpureafricanelephant

3. https://gfycat.com/waterygooddoe


About Garuda:

Garuda's Blood Altar bad contact with Rollers and Bursa:




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Thank you for the update!

Any possibility of reworking Trinity first ability? Many new support frames have been released since Trinity and although she is the best at healing and providing energy to a squad her gameplay hasn't evolved with Warframe, making her sometimes boring to play in a mission. Maybe with a new first ability and some tweaks to her duration and other status she would be more fun to play? I would love to choose her more often, but providing energy has become redundant since we have Zenurik and health isn't really a issue if you put Arcanes on your Operator that heal your frame, which makes me feel useless when playing with her in normal missions. And her first ability has no place in the current Warframe because anything else can do a better job to heal your team. 

Also, any news about Focus and Focus farming? Farming lens, then upgrading them to Greater Lens, then Eidolon Lens (that you need to farm), then Lua Lens (that you need to farm), putting the Lens in a frame or weapon just so that you have to destroy it if you want to switch focus school or just got bored with that weapon/frame is so counterproductive that I never have put any effort in maxing out my focus threes. And doing Eidolons runs for focus isn't my idea of fun either. It would be great if we had more options when it comes to Focus farming, I don't want to destroy my equipment that I worked hard to farm. I just want to have options and the ability to switch things up when necessary. I would even be willing to buy lens with plat if I new my plat wouldn't be wasted. 

About the arcane Pax Bolt, currently the efficiency bonus doesn't carry for channeled abilities, only the bonus power strength. It would be great if that could change, making efficient builds more easy to make. 

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