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Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol

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Since we had the mission last week:

 Sometimes the Nightwave Ascendant Mission doesn´t count as client:


 And we sill need a waypoint rework, it's getting worse and worse, even on new tileset....
Waypoints are all over the place but rarely on the doors, the whole waypoint system needs a rework... as soon as you play something faster like Wukong, Volt, Nova etc. the waypoint are often to slow or messed up completely and now it´s even happening to "normal/slower" frames:

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first thing to add : one arrow PER ammunition pack found on the ground is absolutely ridiculous, i hope you know this, right? the 5 ammo limit was busted already.  give it innate ammo mutation at least...

edit incoming for when i've tested bramma new damage.

Edit : after some testing, it appears that the ammo economy isn't TOO MUCH of a problem, IF you have ammo mutation or the likes. so i suppose that DE achieved their point of trying to make it more important where and when you shoot. the main explosion is still as good, and the damage falloff from the cluster doesn't seems to have damaged too much it's ability to perform extremely well.

so, for ONCE, DE did not destroyed a weapon into uselessness. let's hope they keep it at that, the nerf, with the ammo change, was severe enough.

point two : i have a huge problem with how protea's blueprint is given. small details, like biz telling us to defeat protea by absorbing her specters, SO THAT we can have the blueprint, would have been better for immersion than just "here, take this blueprint that spawned out of nowhere"

third point : i am a bit sad that you did not add more chambers to the kitguns. new way of firing. a sniper kitgun, a "shotgun", that works more like a hek, a boar or a strun than a plasmor. it's a bit sad. need more diversity for our new friends!

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