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Kaian's List Of What Should Be Added/changed/removed To Make Warframe Better.


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     Firstly, I'd like to point that most of those ideas aren't mine, and this is just a compilation of what I think should be implemented to make the game better. So feel free to post links to the topics discussing the ideas I'm talking about (because I'm lazy like that :P), and/or to express your (dis)agreement in calm and constructive maneer.

That said, let's jump into the heart of the stuff:



     In my opinion, the single most important thing to add to the game is LORE. Vor's prize has been sitting around in the lore summary-of-weekend-events page since update... 9 I believe? And so far nothing hint at its presence in update 11. We may very well get to update 12 or even 13 with no lore whatsoever. I don't know about you but I'm rather upset about it.

     Warframe has a lot of potential for awesome, awesome lore. And yet, several months after we've been promised a consistent "campaign" system (in the form of a linear/semilinear "planet", with nodes and missions and lore along the way, IIRC), it's still "coming soon". I'm getting impatient.



     On the same topic, a Bestiary would be nice. Something that unlock and get richer and more precise the more you play. Exemple: kill your first Scorch and you have a basic entry: "grineer medium unit equipped with an Ignis flamethrower.", plus the stats. Kill a few dozen and you'll start getting intereting stuff like their place in the Grineer army organisation, how did they come to exist, maybe their traditions and superstitions and whatnot.

And their loot table.

     Everytime you loot a mod off them, you unlock its particular entry in that particular unit's loot table, with the droprate. In addition, the loot table unlock progressively the more you kill. After a hundred Scorch killed, you may learn they drop Rage with .XX% chance, even if you never dropped it off them.


     In the same way, Drop tables of Void could be revealed as you play. Each mission would reveal a new entry with the droprate for each tier. If you dropped something new, it'll reveal that entry, if not, it'll reveal a random one.



     This system of (progressively) revealing drop tables allows players to know where to go and what to kill to get what they want, something the recent encryption prevented them to do. A player need to know they have a substantial chance to get something or they'll give up.  There is a difference between:

     -"A zombie attack you!"   -"I attack him!"   -"roll 1d10, you need a 10! Now it's a machine! roll again!" and

     -"A zombie attack you!"   -"Mmm... I'll use my machete, it's +5 against undeads!"   -"roll 1d10+5, you need 10! good! now a machine appears!"   -"crap! I get my pistol for a +3 bonus!"   -"roll 1d10+3!"

     The second example add strategy. Using the right tool for the right ennemy. Here it's rolling on the right droptable to get the right thing. The recent void drop tables which were datamined were a step in the right direction. I want a Frost Prime Blueprint, so I get to T1 Extermination and I have a whooping 25% chance of getting it. Perfect!



     But here, this system doesn't cut it. Streaks of bad luck still happens, so we need to alleviate for it. The solution? Simple. Allow people to turn unwanted loot into the one they so desire.

     In most MMO, with varied classes, one's trash is another's treasure, and the solution is trade. Here, trade could work, with some getting tons of helmets and no system, and some the other way around.

     But it isn't enough. The true solution, to allow people to get the rare mod everyone seek that still escape them despite hard work (because RNG_God decided to troll them), is Transmutation. DONE RIGHT.

     What is transmutation done right? Turn unwanted mods/void rewards into a form of currency (arcane forma dust?), and allow players to pay that currency to get the mods they want.

     And here the progressively revealing loot tables from the Bestiary come in handy: let players craft only the mods/void rewards they have unlocked in their bestiary. Because that means they have farmed for it, and just failed because of bad luck or something. You killed a hundred Scorchs and didn't get any Rage mod? Time to turn that stack of unused Trick Mags into dust, which you will then convert into a brand new Rage mod! You raided seventeen Void Exterminate without seeing a single Dakra Blade? Convert all these handles into one!

     Obviously, normal mods, Void rewards, Corrupted mods (and maybe Nightmare mods) each use different kinds of dust. Otherwise it would be easily abusable.

     Keys being convertible one into another could be very interesting as well, allowing high-level players to farm high-level maps for T3 keys, which will then be converted into more T1 if needed.



     Third major addition to the game would be Personal Dojo Room (and major dojo additions, such as bars and hangar bays), serving as lobby/foundry/arsenal/market access. These rooms would exist independantly from dojos (maybe they're located in the Lotus' HQ if you have no clan yet?), and you would be able to teleport from it to the dojo, and conversely. You would be able to upgrade and decorate it anyway you want, and invite people to visit it. There is at least one way more detailed thread about it out there, and I hope the DE reads it.



     I think that's about it for now... I hope that this Wall Of Text level VII didn't break your spirit, and I am looking forward for constructive criticism, opinions and maybe some links! ^^

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I think this would be cool, but I dont think it changes the game that much.  Sure, it makes it more complete and eliminates the RNG woes that we all have seen.  The real draw to the game would be replay-ability.  In that sense, you need endgame.  You need increased difficulty.  You need better mods, bigger, better, rarer resources that only drop from high level.  You shouldnt be able to build the Soma for 50k and some mats that you farm on Mars.  The resources that drop on Pluto should not be able to be found elsewhere.  I shouldnt be as beefy as I am after 3 weeks.  Granted, I have always been a bit of a min/max gamer where I think about and look up the best stuff and go out and get it.  Making the Soma require a higher mastery level is the wrong way to go about it.  Mastery in general should be nothing more than a badge of honor, imo.  Make me farm Pluto, etc, where if I dont have some good stuff to bring with me, I will get trashed.  I guess what Im trying to say is make the game more progressive.

The only thing keeping me playing is that I want to level my melee mods, my pistol mods, finish my rifle (heavy caliber), work toward the ogris, the flux rifle, and the paris prime, and a beefy shotgun.  Yeah, that will keep me playing another 50-60 hours, but the game is over after that until they update the game with more content.  So far, I have played 70 hours (im guessing it includes the idle time I spend logged in even though Im watching football).  I dont really care about building all the warframes, but getting a volt or nova would be cool.  And I already have a nekros I havent built.  Oh, and find Hammer Shot.  Eff that mod.  20+ of my 70 hours was farming for HS.


Im sure its been discussed ad nauseum, but I am new to the game and new to the forums.  The game needs an endgame.  How about 8 or 10-man raids where we fight some behemoth grineer warship?  How about raids on enemy compounds where we have to split into two 4-man groups and finish a mission that requires some skill, against enemies that would shred us in solo.  I thought Gears of War did a cool job of making the coop campaign fun in that Andrew and I split up and he usually got pwned.  I would also like to fight outside more and use the terrain as a tactical aid.  Tiles where sniper rifle scopes would actually help the group and have a good use for the group.  A mission where a skilled sniper actually adds to the game?  Shocking.

Sure, the Grineer threaten the solar system, but they dont seem like an unstoppable juggernaut that pits us against them and we have a slim chance of winning.  Why not expand past our solar system for bigger, badder weapons and mods?  Against bigger, badder enemies.  There have been only a few actually cool fights (one of them is the OD Assassination mission) that add to the game.


The other thing I would prefer is a better host migration system (see Call of Duty).  The best host should always host.


I really like this game. Its pretty much exactly what I was looking for when I found it.  I hope that it has enough to keep my playing by launch.  Anyway, JMO.  Hope I added something valuable that may not have been covered in previous threads like this.  If not, then put me in the same column as the others with similar/same thoughts.

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