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First of all, thanks for updating some of the oldest frames. Ember, Nova, Valkyr and Ash are looking good. I believe Vauban has been updated too. There's still a few left (Trinity, Rhino, Nyx, Nekros, Zephyr off the top of my head), so I'm hoping they can be converted soon.

Things I wanted to comment:

  • Valkyr
    • her bonds haven't been updated if I am not mistaken. It would be good to have them updated if possible so they match her new body.
    • Secondly, I've noticed that a few of the colors haven't been compensated -- so now they're overly brighter. Please, adjust the default colors to the new materials (especially noticeable on Valkyr's green tint), because otherwise they're too bright. Usually saturating a bit the same value works 🙂 (I'm gonna strike this one out until I can play around more in certain lighting conditions, as the Orbiter is super duper weird lately)
    • Finally, I've noticed Valkyr's emissive values have been updated, but they're swapped around: The secondary value should be the primary, if the high comes first and the low comes second.

If Vauban has been updated (which I believe so):

  • Vauban: Looking good, but the alt helmets and immortal skin seem to use blinn phong shaders still. Same for the clothes, for some reason they were not updated.

General issues: Vauban and Ash seem to have some weird reflecting spots:

This same issue affects Vauban:



Unsure why this happens, none of the materials I've seen, unless they were metallic, looked like this.

This is all I have noticed for now.

Thanks for your time 🙂

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Thanks for bringing this up in Feedback. I just found out about Vauban too, which disappoints me even more since I'm currently running his Base helmet with his Immortal skin, which doesn't look like it was retouched, and now there's a clear disparity between the two materials (shown below)



Hope they address this soon. Trying to accurately color anything with dark colors is a nightmare with this new material. 

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3 hours ago, Icebreccer said:

Vauban's buttflaps and all of his alternative helmets look off (too shiny and plasticy):

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Yeah, they weren't updated for some reason. (I guess they couldn't deliver helmets and immortal skin on time, but the buttflaps seems like an oversight).

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