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The Four-Year-old Butt Nerf - Nova Prime's animation rig has issues

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When Nova Prime was released a small portion of the player base decried the "butt nerf" her Prime version had received. At the time, this stood out to me as a strange issue since there are only two small areas where her model would have needed any adjustment and neither of them was anywhere near the butt. This topic came up again when Mesa Prime came out and got a butt touch-up, but it was again ignored. Below, you can see a video recorded this afternoon, after the launch of U28.


Non-GIF Imgur link (Higher quality)

As can be seen above, toggling between her non-Prime and Prime models causes various parts of her to change shape. The butt is the most dramatic spot it can be seen, but the legs, belly, and arms also show the issue clearly. The interesting part about this is that her mesh is completely unchanged in all of those areas. Below, you can see a comparison of her non-Prime model (silver) and her Prime model (gold). The only areas with any seams between the slices, showing differences in the model are the upper chest, neck, and the removal of the back jets.


This has been an issue for almost four years. It's a silly oversight in the placement of her animation rig on the model causing it to be warped. Some areas are significantly warped, others barely show it, but every bit of her body is at least slightly off.

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