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Crazy Speed-Up Of Enemies And Teammates.


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I've had this for the past few days, it doesn't really mean that I can't play the game, but it's kinda hard to hit anything when most of the enemies are teleporting around and going hyperspeed on me. I'm verifying my game cache through steam right now to see if that fixes it. It's just, it's really weirding me out! Other people are getting this too, so if anyone wants to add to the conversation, that would be great! If it keeps happening I'll post video evidence as well.

EDIT: Forgot to add that one time my teammate didn't revive me because he said that I was 'teleporting everywhere'. I think he was having the same problem too!

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Unless it's checking your ping and jitter then it's not telling you the information you need to know.


It also depends on the host's connection and distance between you and host.

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