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Bestiary Happening. Why Not In Oracle Room Too?


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So with the encryption of the drop tables incoming, there will hopefully be a database that records information (enemy stats, what they drop, how often, etc.) to replace datamining.


So what if there are two types of bestiaries, personal (can be found in lore area, probably) and clan bestiary?

I had the idea that it would work like this: players in the clan will play normally and receive information for their personal bestiary. They can then go to their clan's bestiary and upload the information from theirs to the clan's. This information would then be compiled from submitting players and produce drop rates, who drops what, etc.


Inspired by this lovely idea here:

This is more of an aside thought, but I feel like the Oracle (in dojos) should serve as a clan bestiary, duplicating the information in the personal one but with clan based stat tracking. IE: In your personal bestiary it'll list your Scorpion kills as well as the mods you've personally acquired from Scorpions. If you go into your dojo and log into your Oracle you can see the Scorpion kills of your entire clan in addition to all the drops you clan has gotten. This would help in the event that you haven't unlocked certain Scorpion mods.


Also HP and other statistics should be visible. Either base statistics, or statistics at certain levels. (IE: 10/20/40/80)


As always, discuss, criticize and enjoy.

EDIT: Bad grammar.

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