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Void Addition Suggestion


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Not sure if this is the correct area of the fourm to post this in but it is the closest I can find(Didn't see a general suggestion area).



Add Prime Sentinels to the game but instead of giving it out as a reward at the end of the void run like all the other reward, have it drop from a boss mob.



Have the boss mobs a spawn chance at 10% for each run but a 100% chance to drop Prime Sentinel part or blueprint.


The only diffrence on void run types would be for the defence and survival, I would suggest if the boss dose spawn that regular mobs are reduce by 50% for that wave (Defence) or while the boss stil lives (Survival) and that in the first 5 waves or 5 mins.


While I haven't thought of everything out for possable suggestions here is some of my thoughts,


Prime Carrier - Cann't think of a good weapon fire look  so maybe have a fire rate like the Sobek


Prime Dethcube - Have a Supra weapon fire look


Prime Shade - Have a Synapse weapon fire look


Prime Wyrm - Have a Flux weapon fire


Djinn - Instead of a Prime Djinn have a Prime Orokin Sentinal - Weapon fire could be like the Ogris but at 50 base damage with explosion damage at 200 at 2.5 meters with homing capable.

I would suggest that Prime Orokin Sentinal would only drop from T3 void missions.



If this is the wrong place to post this please let me know and where it would be better put.

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