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Discontinued Weapons



Since they are going to down the road maybe add a trading system in the game, I was wondering what weapons, Items, Colorpalette, Skins, etc that are discontinued. So I can make a list of things to trade for so I can have a complete inventory of everything ever getable in the game.




So can you all help me colate a list as of right now Items and what not that are no long available in game?

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What aren't available anymore:

Strun Wraith


Snipetron Vandal

Braton Vandal

Lato Vandal

(I feel like I'm forgetting something.. idk)

And then those extra few weapons that are retiring on Wednesday. (Gorgon, Boar, Machete, etc..)

(EDIT: Prime avatars aren't available, some holiday color packs, and Founder stuff will soon be retired.)

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Event keys, can't remember all of them but I still have some in my inventory. Founders pack items will also be discontinued. Ranked cores are also discontinued from closed beta.


They were gone in update 10

They weren't deleted from the inventory though. They're still in the game just not obtainable anymore.

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why are the Founder items being removed, it took me a while to get my frame and skana up to near level 30.....??

No, the ending of the Founder's Program itsself is what was being referred to, you'll still have the weapons/frame.

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