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The Big List Of Little Things


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Welcome to the BLOLT, where every single issue with some ideas pertaining the game (both big and small) is listed here then condensed into bite-sized phrases for other people to expand upon. I may provide links to substantial topics if/when people make them, but don't count on it.

Here's the list:

- Giving missions actual depth and a good reason to re-play specific ones. *winkwinknudgenudge*
- Removal of all ability mods from all drop tables, unless secondary abilities will be added that people can find.
- Giving frames a noticeably different feeling when playing them.
- Replacing the Corpus Ship tileset with one that is similar or better in diversity than the Orokin Derelict map.
- A large enough expansion on all tilesets so that no rooms will ever repeat in one mission.
- Huge Primary weapons that also take up secondary (or possibly melee) weapon slots.
- Weapons that play differently, not shoot/chop differently.
- Smoother and more complex mobility.
- More than one way to get from room to room (i.e vents).
- Expansions to stealth.
- Rework of all existing tilesets to promote exploration and skill.
- A better tutorial.
- A total overhaul of the Infested, both visually and mechanically.
- In-game (probably limited) debug/developer console.
- Return of Raid missions. Mechanically different from Capture missions.
- Removal, replacement, or rework of Rescue missions (coming soon, I know).
- More and better faction vs. faction. Stalker is apparently friends with the Grineer.
- Stalker fixes and variants.
- Star map expansion (more nodes on existing planets, or adding multiple missions per node).
- AI rework (AI vs. AI fixes, more intelligent mooks, target prioritization, fixes for feral creatures being counted as Tenno, give enemies secondary weapons, faster cover transitions, better cover utilization, etc.)
- Expansion for enemies in all factions.
- Level and/or map based enemies (Grineer Miner, Grineer Warden, Grineer Engineer, Corpus Soldier, Moa Variants, only Infested Grineer on Grineer maps, same with Corpus, Infested Abominations, Infested Gliders, etc.)
- Large and threatening Feral creatures. With teeth.
- Removal of knockdown mechanic.
- Greatly lessen reliance on the Skinner Box Theory.
- Replace the copy-paste-reskin Void enemies with unique enemies, like a large mechanical spider.
- Unique boss rooms for each boss.
- Mini-bosses.
- No more end-of-match RNG based rewards. Have everything find-able within the map (mission level and location dependent; bosses exempt due to recent changes).
- Slightly more frequent Alerts with rewards based on the mission level.
- Per-player "campaign"; missions scattered throughout the star-map (a good way to tell the lore).
- Slightly faster leveling.
- Assets within missions that provide large amounts of Affinity.
- Adjustable and scalable HUD.
- Lock FoV option.
- Separate Motion Blur and Depth of Field as separate options.
- Ability to bring up the chat box whenever you want, even when casting abilities.
- Smarter host selection and host exemption options.
- Optimizations to everything.
- More Physx effects.
- Let players carry as many Dragon Keys as they want.
- Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants of existing mods.
- Odd max mod numbers, polarities, and wasted mod points (a mod with 9 total points will round down to 5 points on a matching polarity slot).
- An actual use for blocking, modded and unmodded.
- Removal of DPS cap on everything.
- Fix the lack of sound falloff (most noticeable with the Corpus squad chatter).
- In-game bug reporting with a screenshot function (ask Steam about this. It's a good idea for all games, especially Early Access titles).
- Rebalance of all market item prices.
- Fix insane damage with Grineer Scorches and Seekers (not the ball-thing; the Seeker's side-arm weapon).
- Fill in the numerous map holes.
- Resource drops should be faction specific, not planet specific.
- Expandable mini-map. Hopefully 3-Dimensional.
- A rare brute-like heavy mob for every faction.
- Something big to run from. Should be a boss.
- Remove hit-scan and give all enemies a reaction time and imperfect aiming.
- Client-sided environmental destruction (exploding wall plates and cracking floors, etc. Does not affect gameplay).
- Eventual Dedicated servers for 4-player games and populated clan dojos.
- Unique boss music for each boss.
- Advanced Matchmaking options (preferred player count, play style, communication preferences, etc.)
- Nightmare mutator selection. More and/or harder mutators = more and/or better rewards.
- Void Key crafting (Crafted from Void Fragments (drop like Nav Coordinates, but a bit more rare) and other materials depending on desired mission. Tiers are random with 50% T1, 30% T2, and 20% T3. Build for regular mission keys is 10 minutes. Assassination takes 1 hour).
- Add Tainted Void Keys (Nightmare Void missions. Players can still select their desired mutations, but a minimum must be met).
- Sprinting melee attacks, both charged and quick.
- Option to completely disable Lotus nagging, even the pop-up.
- More consistency with Lotus's voice (i.e. Raptor speech and Orokin Vault speech).

- Mods like Redirection, Vitality, and Flow increase the actual value, not the lowest base (unranked) or max base (level 30) value.

- Add a mod that increases casting speed (adversely affects duration in some cases).

- More secrets. A lot more. And Easter Eggs.

- Cripple enemies with stealth attacks (both ranged and melee).

- Fix up Ash's Blade Storm (Does not mark enemies between rooms; animations are faster vs. Chargers (increase to said speed); needs animations vs. Moas and Ospreys; fix not being able to sneak attack enemies after casting).

- Ember's Fire Blast needs to be affected by Range mods. It makes no sense for it not to.

- Explosion effects need to be reworked.

- Vacuum (broken windows) needs to factor into combat as both a hazard and an asset.

- Fix up the UI so that it stops selecting things behind other interfaces.

- Ability to reliably skip all cut-scenes, including the extraction one.

- Option to disable the panoramas and just have your Warframe kneeling on the log-in screen.

- Vertically stretch most of the listing UI (mod listings, foundry interface, etc.)

- Breaking armor on heavy enemies after a lot of consecutive hits.

- Change Glaive unique mods to work with the Kestrel as well (and all future throwing weapons).

- Concentration powers (powers being cast over time with a constant energy drain until turned off).

- Ultimates that use up all of your energy (a concentration-type ultimate or transformation ultimate could work best).

- Sentinel expansions (Displaying health/shields, carrying data masses, enable/disable functionality, energy storage, etc.)

- Powers that interact/are dependent on the player's weapons (Slash Dash using Orthos, etc.)

- Better mook spawning so they spawn throughout a room and not on the door.

- Replace Banshee's Silence with a good defensive ability.

- Fix Banshee's Sonar so that killed enemies no longer stay on the minimap.

- Rebuff Sound Quake's range. Make it a concentration power.

- Add/change some powers so they can use a charge-up mechanic (Slash Dash, Pull, Fire Blast, Stomp, etc.)

- Replace Nekros's Desecrate with a different, useful power.

- Change some Warframe ability descriptions that do not match what they do (Iron Skin no longer has a duration, but the upgrade description says it does).

- Your Frame should go down/die when its health reaches 0, not 1.

- Player list (default Z) should also show other player's loadout, latency, region, and if they are host. Should also show a bar for shields over their health bar.

- Make Sentinels more durable.

- Grineer Hellions need a damage nerf on their rockets, or at least not fire as many.

- Grineer Eviscerators need a damage nerf, especially at higher levels.

- Phobos Survival needs a fix for spawn rates. All enemy types spawn at once.

- Phobos tileset needs need mission modifiers (fire, ice) and Infestation missions. Have the Corpus invade once in a while too.

- Phobos needs a unique boss, not two recycled bosses.

- Remove Switch teleport for Grineer Commanders.

- Remove invisible walls in Phobos. Add some secrets there too.

- Space walks.

- Zero Gravity Environments (mobility similar to Dead Space).

- Under water shaders.

- Flashier and more satisfying powers (i.e. Ember's World on Fire: A flash-fissure of fire along the ground striking enemies in range. Don't know how else to describe it).

- Better sounding powers.

- Ember's Fireball should be an area-denial power (fireball explodes on impact, coating the area in a lake of fire. Charge-up ability).

- Unique animations for every power (Volt's Shock and Ember's Fireball are the same animation. Trinity's Energy Vampire and Link are also the same.)

- Mission difficulty should scale with player skill, combined mastery, number of players, and their equipped loadout.

- Add rare and locked loot containers that contain a large cache of Affinity, Resources, Ammo, or Mods.

- Expansion to Gear (drones, holograms, cloaking fields, radar posts, deployable traps, over-time healing, batteries/capacitors, Sentinel inventory, shield boosts, stamina boosts, faster access to gear menu, etc.)

- Fix downed and revive mechanics.

- Have Stealth mean something to the mission objective (if undetected, faster terminal hacking (mobile defense), instant no-hacking deploy of data mass (Spy), unguarded reactor (Sabotage), etc.)

- Frost's Snow Globe should have a damage cap, but be a special concentration power (impenetrable while concentrating, receives damage when left alone)

- More Frame positions (knocked down but not incapacitated; camera over shoulder; can stand up by Jumping, hanging and firing off of walls; can move along wall, etc.)

- Remove Auto-Rolling. Seriously, everyone hates it.

- Perpetual, somewhat planet-based events.

- What's the point of Affinity Orbs? Do something with them or remove them.

- Remove unranked and partly ranked fusion cores from the Survival drop table.

- Aesthetic only gender-swaps.

- I'm out of ideas. Post yours.

The text box started to bug out when I hit "Preview Post". It might have something to do with the length. You guys might want to look into that.

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I like how you put the very, very most important one right at the top where it belongs. hip hip.. harumphh.

Don't you just love self-inserts? Fortunately, this one's justified, I think. Over 160 upvotes should mean something.

I might make a second list pertaining to issues not directly related to the game, such as the forums and the livestreams. Expect that one to start later today or tomorrow, but I can't guarantee anything.

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-Improve Parry (block) system and remove parry mods 

-More complicated and longer modes with puzzles, challenges, obstacles, mazes, and environmental disadvantages 

-More unique event enemies (stalker)

-Sub-boss heavies

-Remove ability mods from transmutation

-Fix melee jam (ancient bug)

-Increasingly challenging modes unlocked through mastery


-Challenging missions with high reward given by the lotus after being 'recognized' for completing a number of challenges within alert missions

-Login rewards that scale with mastery and 14-day rewards

-Clan Missions

-Change in starter frame descriptions which push players toward Excalibur

-A unique MK-1 primary, secondary, or melee weapon for each starter frame

-Give prime frames a unique/mutated power for which they're, in turn, unable to use one of the original powers or make prime frames, skins 

-Increasingly strategic AI

-Unique tilesets for each boss

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Probably a lot of nerfer proposals.


Enjoy your Credit Caches.


Repeat after me: "I have no attention span, patience, or respect for people who have taken time out of their day to write long and in-depth responses for a game I care about."
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