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Shred Vs. Metal Auger - What Gives?


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Both are rare mods but... baseline.


Metal Auger - 10 mod energy, rare, 0.1 puncture


Shred - 6 mod energy, rare, +5% fire rate, +0.2 puncture



I get that the combination nightmare mods are meant to be better in the sense of combining two effects, but based on the puncture value per mod energy alone, Metal Auger is just plain not worth it.

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They ought to swap the puncture values for Shred and Metal Auger. Shred is no longer super overpowered, metal auger is no longer useless. Problem solved.


Shred is not that overpowered.

Seriously 0.6m of puncture is terrible.


Buffing Auger/Seeking Force/Seeker up till 1.6m to 2m is actually fine and it won't be a repeat of old 4+ meter punctures.

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