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Orokin Void Pressure Plate Bug/glitch


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Just now i was soloing a tier 1 capture mission in the void when i encountered this bug. So i started off running through the mission as usual until i got to the long path that has the two death orbs with an ice path on each side, well the metal pressure plate that can be pressed sometimes to open a secret door on the other end is the culprit in this bug report. I stepped on the plate to open the metal gate and the door on the other side, as i stepped on it i happened to press iron skin at the same time, once i did this i fell through the floor at the edge of the plate and kept falling until eventually it killed me. Ok, i didn't mind wasting a revive but then when i respawn i'm in one of the secret parkour rooms with no method of leaving.


Figured this bug report will help others avoid being put in this situation and for DE to fix the cracks at the edge of that metal pressure plate.

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