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Odv & Re-Invite & Host Migration


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So, you chat to invite guys to squad.

Last guy doesn't mount in squad chat,

so you have to PM about keys,

than wait till right key is made.


Than mission starts, 

and after 35 enemies left,

one person disconnects and...

that person had EXT key, 

that you need to open Vault 

in the exit room....


in OD EXT missions, if you kill more than 50%,

you can invite, but you can't  recieve another Tenno...


something is off here:


You should be able to re-invite squad member at any time,

if he was on the mission from VERY START and

as long as he comes back with the SAME KEY !



DE, is it to much to code? 

or it can be done ?



PS or

you should be able, during chat stage, filter out those who's ping

is to high, so later you  wouldn't  have to write another post..



Thank You

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