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Od Key Won't Load In Gear Screen


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#75158 Arsenal -> Gear -> Won't Load Gear (Stuck/Can't Use Back-Button/Loading Freezes)



I'm trying to play the Orokin Dragon Keys, but when my Gear in my Arsenal won't load. It says I have 2 items in my Gear, but when I click the Gear option from my Arsenal no items load. To make it worse, it then hangs up and I can't use the back button.

I can move the mouse, and I can see messages in the chat, but I can't select the chat to use it. From Arsenal screen it says I have 2 items but they don't show up in Gear screen. I've used the back button before if I use it quick enough before it freezes, but if I click on one of the empty gear spaces it gets stuck for sure.

I also built another "Bleeding Dragon Key" to see if it would refresh the Gear and it didn't work. The only other piece of gear I think I had before making OD Key is a health packs I was awarded for completing missions in versions 8 and 9.

Please fix this so I can take part in the Dragon Key event.


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