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Livestream Schedule: June 15 - 19

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Our Home Time live stream is back this week along with a special Charity Stream on Tuesday! Come hang out with Rebecca and Megan as they dive into The Deadlock Protocol and catch up with the Warframe community.

Tuesday @ 4:00 PM ET - 8:00 PM ET: GCX 2020 Charity Marathon

Thursday @ 7:00 PM ET: Home Time Live Stream

Looking forward to seeing you, Sparky!

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Its awesome to see DE being involved in a Charity Event for ST. Jude. ❤️

Can't wait for the stream! 🎉

Just now, Krilexis said:

Thanks a lot we are eager to see you all again 😄

Same here!

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can't spell event correctly lol
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United Kingdom/BST/UK Timezone Translation for the Livestream Schedule for the week 15-19th June 2020:

Tuesday: 9:00 PM - (GCX 2020 Charity Marathon)

Where: https://www.twitch.tv/GCXEvent - (Benefiting the Children of St. Jude)

Thursday: Midnight  - (Home Time Live Stream)

Where: twitch.tv/warframe & Mixer.com/PlayWarframe - (Drop: Nef Anyo Glyph)

Don't forget to Redeem code - 'PARVOS' for a free Thanos Hand Orbiter & also 'leyzar-dlp' for a free Glyph!

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Glad you're back. I've been pacing the halls for the last two weeks, hands shaking, like an addict, wondering when I'd get to see your dorky faces again.

But seriously, your streams have helped keep me entertained through quarantine, and it's always nice to see you.

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7 hours ago, Seditious_Spyke said:

'leyzar-dlp' for a free Glyph!

There is no current code for that, where are you getting this from? The code to get a glyph till the 22nd is "AUNGELECETTE-DLP", not "leyzar-dip".

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3小时前 , (XB1)Rez090 说:

没有当前的代码,您从哪里得到的?在第22位之前获得字形的代码是“ AUNGELECETTE-DLP”,而不是“ leyzar-dip”。

我刚兑换成功了,兄弟,I successfully redeemed just now~bro~

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