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Livestream Schedule: June 15 - 19

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Oh! On the new page Twitch has for the channels, the schedule tab actually gives you the day and time in your own timezone. ❤️

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Just as a heads up...
Last charity event got 10k, only tier 1 reward.  

Offer was affinity... and then more affinity...

I'm not saying people should be guilted into donating... but take a lesson from your own annual event with tennobaum, increased donation bar = increased rewards.

Affinity is a Fine tier 1 reward... but most people aren't going to use extra days of affinity because they are going to level all their built stuff and then go farm more because the vast majority of players need slots/resources.

Do affinity, then maybe credits, glyph of the representing the charity (if they sign off) and a special cosmetic at the end tier for all who donate and/or log in within 2 weeks.

Having more variety instead of just "more affinity" might engage your donations more because nobody needs bonus affinity past a 2 day booster... least of all your prime access supporters.


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44 minutes ago, Speckle_Dust said:

Your drop very stingy 😅 give the orikin or some sweet plat maybe ...

ffacs. they need to stop stinginess and make this game Breathtaking and REWARDING TO WHAT WE WANT. ITS A VIDEO GAME> destiny better lol

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Le 15/6/2020 à 10:54, [DE]Helen a dit :

¡Nuestra transmisión en vivo de Home Time está de regreso esta semana junto con una Charity Stream especial el martes! Ven a pasar el rato con Rebecca y Megan mientras se sumergen en el Protocolo Deadlock y se ponen al día con la comunidad de Warframe.

Martes a las 4:00 p.m. ET - 8:00 p.m. ET:  GCX 2020 Charity Marathon

Jueves a las 7:00 p.m. ET:  hora local en vivo

¡Espero verte, Sparky!

I do not understand that it covers from 15 to 19, and normally or almost always on Friday is home devtream, will there be a home devstream tomorrow?

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