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Not necessarily, depends on what you're trying to buy. As for sentinels, weapons and warframes, you can buy all of their blueprints for credits. Buying them with platinum gives you a slot, and a catalyst/reactor already installed in whatever it is you're buying, but it is in no way obligatory.


You can see what materials you will need to craft whatever you bought when you go to buy the blueprint. After you have enough of everything, you can start crafting it in the foundry. Then you have to wait a set amount of time before you can claim what you crafted.

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Your "level" is a bit complicated to explaine... there are "many levels" ...


Your Account level (aka Mastery)

Your Warframe level

Your Weapons level


Your Warframe and Weapons level can be seen in the Arsenal and while playing, it is raised by killing enemies through missions.


Account level, Mastery, increases each time you level (for the first time) a warframe or a weapon till lvl 30 (max).

Once you levele'd up enough weapons/frames to raise your Mastery level by 1 you'll need to pass a test in order to progress further.

More weapons and frames are locked (cannot use) until you reach a certain Mastery level.


Hope it's all clear :)

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