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Possible Shockwave Moa Bug?


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Recently I've begun to notice that getting hit by a Shockwave Moa's stomp disables my melee and roll functions; the only way I've figured out to fix it is to get hit by another stomp. I've searched around in the wiki and found no indication that this is an intended change, so I figured it's a bug. Still unsure if this is some kind of glitch with knockdown resist/faster recovery or if this is happening with all knockdowns; had the Fortitude mod equipped when it first happened, tried unequipping it and the disable still happened, but haven't tried unequipping the Constitution mod yet, and haven't noticed this happening with any other enemy capable of inflicting knockdowns.

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Only post I could find that had a similar issue to my own, so my apologies if this has already been discussed in-depth in another post.


 As noted above, my problem is that melee and rolling are completely disabled after an enemy action; although instead of being limited to the Moa Shockwave I've experienced it because of multiple knock down effects (Moa Shockwave stomp, Ancient Infested Charge, Scorpion Harpoon, etc.)  The similarity I see here is that I am also using a Fortitude mod.  


My best guess is that there is some crucial step being missed in the resolution between the attack and the mod - i.e.  Knockdown attack is registered> Mod prevents knockdown> the "stand up" animation is by-passed in lieu of the blocking animation> Game acknowledges you weren't knocked down but fails to resolve it by disallowing melee and rolling as if you were still in mid-knockdown.


Not sure if this has already been looked into, but seeing as I'm experiencing a problem that (according to the time stamp from the prior post) is nearly four months old, I'm disappointed it hasn't already been resolved.


 DE, if you're wondering why people aren't dumping their life-savings into this game, it's not because there's a lack of new content - it's the bugs.

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