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Show Your Desktop!


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Youtube link, but here is my quick guide:

1. Get rainmeter (it's free)

2. Get deskscapes (paid) or Dreamscene for free

3. Check the youtube link's description, download the skin and install it

4. Download the video file (mpg) from description and use it with dreamscene/deskscapes)

5. customize your ui  (again the youtube video shows how)

6. There is also link for custom cursors

7. still haven't figured out the music on start part.

8. Optional, remove icons from desktop, recycle bin is a bit trickier.

9. Optional hide the taskbar during it's inactivity.

10. it might take some time so have patience.

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In it's current state, don't be shy no judging.


Idea of jpgeolina from youtube, i customized mine a bit to suit my needs.


-pic snip-


(Rainmeter+deskscapes used in mine, working on music on start up currently).


That is a really nice desktop. I have saved the video in my Favourites list, I think it will come in handy one day.


As for my desktop... well, since I don't have time to make something cool (perhaps I don't have tools for that either), I just stuck to something as basic and straightforward as it could be. I found it while browsing the Wikia, and it just happened to be large enough to be a good wallpaper.



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