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Why hello there Tennos :D


Our Clan "Saure Gurken" which means "Sour Pickles" in english are searching for friendly people to play with.


In our clan are just 2 members at the moment thats me (Leader) and my friend Danteboy1800 (CO-Leader).


What we offer:



-Were open to talk about everything you want to about the game or even REAL problems

-We are trying to be an familiar clan

-A Dojo which is very good in building, we got all research buildings and now were researching alle the weapons

-YOU! Can offer wishes how the clan dojo's further build is like which room u want where and so on

-Were trying to help everyone who needs help!



-Be activ like be online once in two days (If u are a worker and can just be online at weekends its fine to :))

-Be friendly!


-Dont join our clan just for researches or something like that .. we want people who stay with us forever! :)



Some other infos:

Im 16 and my name is Marco and i come from germany and im the LEADER. My friend is called Marc similiar to mine hehe he is 26 and comes also from germany and is the CO-LEADER.



-Sry for bad english :x



PS: Still questions? Just ask!


Have a nice day guys


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