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So Next Prime After Ember?


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RNG Prime.

1) Passive: Every five seconds, the chance of anything decent dropping is lowered by 1%
2) Forces a host migration losing all loot squired to that point.
3) Delevels all present gear within 25 meters by one level. Yes, including other players' items.
4) Uninstalls the game. Reinstalling it causes everyone in your contacts list to lose all their mods and cores.

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I wouldn't mind a Rhino Prime, but an Excalibur Prime would also be pretty cool.


I could use Excalibur again without people thinking I'm a "noob" :D

I've used Excalibur for the last few weeks, but I've never been called a newb because of it. So what are you on about? And besides, Excalibur Prime has been available to founders for donkeys years now

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I will mind if its going to be Rhino Prime as I just forma it 3 times already...I am seriously considering to make prime version as a skin (Free feel to join this discussion, although I still typing my wall of text...)


However, I am still holding my hand off for forma my loki again...as I think it soon will be loki prime...and I will use it instead...

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Any frame that is super popular, so Rhino, Ash and Nova.

we already have enough ponies with M prime killing everything, no need another reason to get nova.


would sure love saryn prime or something next.


 (only reason i say saryn is, frost is tanky frame, might as well get the only corrent female frame that has the same armor rating in prime form *and hopfully less resembling dark sector howlers >.>*)

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