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Dual Ether Issue?


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Hi All,


I would like to know if someone has already had some issues with the Dual Ether blades?


I leveled up these blades until 30 but very often during my games i just can't use them.


I push the right button (E, i'm french) and nothing is happening.... I checked if it was an endurance matter but it is not, even when i'm full of endurance it is not working.


It is a very random issue cause sometimes it is working and sometimes not.


Thank you for your support ;)


Bye !

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A solid fix that my teammates and I have found is to empty the clip on the weapon your are currently holding. After the weapon finishes reloading, we are always able to use our melee weapons again. This does become a total lockout if you are out of primary and secondary ammo however.

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