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Survivle And Capture Void Missions Loot Broken? Etc.


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Main topic:


I've read about people getting the blue prints or components and them not showing up in the foundry just int he arsenal > inventory > components. However the problem I'm having is just as irritating. I'll get the end reward screen and it show the items. I then go to my foundry yet to not have the parts listed on the said weapon etc. I check my inventory and yet it isn't in there ether. This happened with Paris prime's lower limb, and Braton primes receiver. Probably countless other things I didn't pay much attention to because I knew I already had them.




Ignis:  The ignis now causes my game to have unplayable lag. It didn't before the said "this fixed crashes related to the ignis" but after that hotfix the ignis went to complete lag thrower or possible crash when other people use it. Thus I haven't bothered crafting it for myself. (confirmed to do this to a friend of mine as well).


Galatine: Sliding and blocking with the galatine causes you to get stuck in a slide regardless of letting the slide key go. You will slide until you crawl to a complete stop. Also regardless if you quit blocking.




This bug also has to do with the galatine, When switching from galatine to another melee weapon the UI changes back to the Frame slot. moving back to the melee slot the animation has the new weapon but the stance is still in the galatine animation. Thus causing for some goofy looking melee poses.




Strange objects: Sometimes there are weird objects where they don't belong. They haven't blocked my path (lol) that i've seen other topics about. However they are like a strange ester egg you want to stay away from.


Elevator goes smash?: I'm not sure if this has been fixed or not. Sometimes people like to smash me or other players with elevators causing us to get pushed out of the playing tile sets. Falling to what seems to be an endless doom. We can then after so many free falling get the option to revive. Sometimes if not the host you will revive near the host. I'm not sure what happens when you are the host.. Maybe you spawn in another free fall?




I'm sure there are countless other things but these seem to be the most addressing issues I can think of right now. I hope this helps identify some of the issues some of us may be facing and that they will be fixed sometime soon. Warframe is my current favorite game to pass time playing.


Plus, plus sorry to any grammar perfectionists I'm not perfect with the engrish.




Forgot about this one. Another for UI,


Sometimes when in a lobby, and you open the chat box. The mission selection will turn inadvisable. You can zoom out and then simply select a said planet to see the mission selection again. However it is still a bug.


Plus, plus transmutation is broken. It only gives me junk even when transmutating rare mods resulting in them making a common mod. This should never happen in my honest opinion that means it is broken. I don't see the mix of common cards becoming a rare or uncommon card.


Survivle xD Survival* I'm tired sorry for this mistake. I can't fix it though what's done has been done. Have a good laugh I did!


Happy hunting.

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reminds me of how some random wooden looking boards managed to block the door to one small room in the Corpus ship tileset...now that was hilarious

I've seen screen shots of huge objects blocking doorways to the exit or further path for the mission causing to be the only way is to abort.. would suck after a long haul in a survival mission.

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