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The changes are great, but Protea still has issues with her shield grenade and her 4.

The shield grenade doesn't last nearly as long as it should, is really awkward to cast and should probably auto attach to Protea. As for her 4, when I first started playing her I thought the implosion happend all along the path you traveled while it was active, but after playing her some more and reading this thread I realized it only happend at the end point. Add to that the fact that it doesn't even function as an energy refund ability, because you lose all the orbs you picked up while the ability is up, and after playing her for a while I realized I usually end up with more energy if I don't use her 4 at all.

At it's current state, temporal anchor is kinda useless. Cool, but useless. I think DE should look into making the implosion happen along the path traveled for aoe/cc in higher lvl missions, making it so you keep the energy/health you picked up or just disable pickups altogether, and maybe give some minor buffs to the other abilities while the ability is active.

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My experience with protea is that she is fun to play but severly limited how far she can go.

Her 1st is good enough - altrough shield grenade could auto seek friendly targets and some scaling in the numbers would be nice. What seems to be godly useful is rather weak after a few enemy lvls.

2 could use some more improvements. The concept is great! I really love the idea of the fast come and go turret army 🙂 Its biggest problem now is the field of fire. That 130 degree causes most of the time to not shoot but idle the turrets. Most enemy - not in simulacrum but in real missions - run past them really quickly.  A 360 degree field of fire would solve all the turrets problems - no idle time and much more usefulness. Maybe a bit less energy cost.

3 it would seem more realistic to work like wisp 1. We place it and it stays there. Limit the placeable number to 3.

4 well i cant say too much good about this one. Fun at first pointless later. In some rare cases it can be a lifesaver but its simply doesnt enough to be a 4.

Protea has major survivability problems after starchart lvls. Base shield should be much higher - she is a tech one. As Hyldrin showed us: shields are working if they are high enough. Protea could use a 2000 base shield. Her passive looks good on paper even useful sometimes but i would have a much better suggestion here. For a passive she could have the concept of her current 4. If her 4 would happen automatically when she would die that would give her a lot more survivability and more fun to play emphasising the time travel concept. It should work like Wukongs passive maybe with less charges. A nice touch would be to tie the charges to the players mastery lvl - lets say 1 charge per 10 or 12 lvl. That would give some incentive to gain mastery ranks to. But even 1 fixed charge would be better than the current implementation, Her 4 could change to something connecting to time travel or time manipulation. For example a short time freeze time.

Anyway protea is a great warframe but could use some buffs or minor changes (suggested above) to see more usage and be more fun to play it,

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Thanks for the update, you guys rock, really wasn't expecting such a good response in our feedback about her,

Tested her until now, and, her 1th and 2th are really good now, still, can have some improvements, maybe a little more duration for both? Maybe 4 sharpnel's instead of just 3? like her satelites? Maybe a little more base range for the turret? Maybe even 180 degrees? (But overall a really good 1th and 2th abilties) (also her turrets shots forever in a downed kuva lich thrall, fixing that could be good too xD)

Her 3th tho... need some change, maybe a 50% base double chance? or place 2-3 of them? Maybe make he follow you? Anything really, just to make her more mobile will help..

her 4th... sorry... the 3 seconds invunerability could be useful at the end, but in the begin is not useful at all... i'm playing her since launch, dont need to press 4 one single time, and god knows I tried to make this ability work (yeah you can deal 2mi damage using arca triton, but why? why make this ability work only like this and for this?), didn't find out yet... make it more reliable, example:

Once you unlock the ability, Protea creates a ghost of herself that is untargetable and is constantly rewinding her path a few seconds in time behind the real Protea, When you activate the ability, she returns to whenever the ghost is, heals, get energy, ammo etc, everything that she had in that moment, enemies near hers initial zone (when she activate the ability) and hers arrival zone (where the ghost was) take massive damage. 

Hope you guys keep working on her.


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Just wanted to say I love the changes. Damage feels like it is in the right spot now. Feels like there is no single "right way" to mod Protea so far. Feels like there is room to experiment and try new things.  

While there are a lot of comments on her 4, I think there is a place for it... somewhere. I think it will take time before the community figures out a way to truly utilize such a unique ability.


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Finally being able to try out Protea here are my thoughts:

I think Shield Grenade specifically should have the hop disabled - leave it in for Shrapnel - I understand how the hop helps keep her aerial and I love the acrobatics but it also means shield grenades can't be placed accurately for pickup and it just feels clunky in the heat of a gunfire battle. As for duration I think it should start from the moment the Shield is picked up rather than when you activate the ability as it would be a nice quality of life change.

The turrets feel amazing and powerful. I still would enjoy more duration at base as it wouldn't straightjacket Protea into duration builds. I had some ideas for interactivity between her abilities earlier in the thread so you could have a healthy duration turret while keeping her active. I'm a little bit salty that Wukong gets a brilliant infinite duration and commandable/customisable turret that scales as far as weapons can go and there's nothing engineer about him 😂 Something that came to mind while playing Protea is I would have loved if her grenades could upgrade her turrets such as Shield Grenade generating a physical barrier in front of the turret so Protea could stand behind it or Shrapnel grenade upgrading the turret with slash damage. Beast of an ability - I still would wish for more duration 🤗

Dispenser is great. Energize + Equilibrium + Fiber = never worry about energy again.

Temporal Anchor is her weak link I fear. I think it's main weakness is it punishes you for picking up energy orbs during it as those get erased in the rewind. You get back energy better without TA as you have a dispenser. That leaves the implosion at the end which I have never felt the impact of. If I have the damage to feed the implosion then the implosion is not needed as everything relevant is already dead. It's very small too I can't afford range mods as everything is needed for strength and duration. It's also short duration at base. These are IMPROVEMENTS to CONSIDER.

))) energy orbs being erased are a weakpoint so instead make them a STRONG point. Energy collected during TA is not erased, instead every energy orb you pick up applies a multiplier to your collected damage and also boosts range. If the rewind is triggered when you have the 100% power strength boost from Protea's passive you cause a Temporal Whirlpool at the implosion site that continuously pulls in enemies for a duration.

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okay here is what i think is wrong with protea and corpus maps, the whole medallion concept is chance, and dull because the enemy can just teleport at anytime if he wanted to, so advanced players can one-shot the enemy easily but there are no exclusive rewards other than releasing teh prisoners, gratification, and a chance at protea parts, well i know there is those weapons she has but i never seen them drop, so if am wearing regular level 1 weapon and i don't have a Xoris equipped. Running around the voidgate and giant hands with medallions turns out stupid, am going to fail drastically.

Protea was a good fisht, but it was painful defeating her and buggy- the first time it took me 4hours, there should have been some operator upgrades and amps added with corpus themes or uniforms and style/school to give the tenno system some shape in all the open worlds

  • give protea and the corpus some dogs and pets, additionally change the weapons they wield in a RNG fashion and the color palettes they use on their shots if they are a red-laser, then they can be like green another time so robots can have some life and procs, toxins and gases so we can keep up with starwars, it was like fly swatting but with immortality, and the area of combat did not have any great changes other than falling, maybe there can be some occasional gravity changes and meteors which fall to make captura more interesting the knockback from the blasts and curruption would affect the players in different ways, their guns can get jammed or secondary coudl pop-out, with protea these things could be avoided or used to her advange in different environments or planets,
  • the medallions and corpus soldiers could move to other tilesets and planets such as fortuna openworld, and occasionally the plains of eidolon but there would need to be some other major "BASE" or unification of the factions, this would make GHOUL fights more interesting in "contrast" the corpus would study the ghouls and trade weapons with them, and blueprints would surmise for new ZAWS and ARCHWING equip,emt. cosmetics and kitguns right at earth to keep the players interested in each planet, and relay until you fix PVP and syndicate, since the bazaar already has a few corpus soldiers and scientist it should be a bad place for medallions and enemies to be added to the playlist, this would give earth proper music and lore, since corpus dont have much backstory compared to the grineer story is mostly focused around grineer fights and the forest for the basic part of the game, so maybe protea could be moved to the earth and space chapter in a new "archwing and pvp/pve"mix to include the said rewards and new mods, and changes to combat.
  • her appearance and movements from what i saw in the fight were very acrobatic, i havent unlocked her, but am willing to say that she could use some other double-actions and animations to give her more unique feelings, which i hope octavia can also get if players use crouch and dodging more, instead of bullet-jump, until abilities get fixed to aerial combat, maybe they can be held or used during wall-latch for other temporary effects, quick-reload, or swap.
  • i honestly can feel protea being a melee focused fighter from staring at her, maybe a parazon grappler but thats just me, throwing and causing things to explode like a kunoichi, and using more sidearms like claire/jill valentine and other heroines from capcom's resident evil games, dinocrisis games, and ayabrea from parasite eve, was a good shooter (PS1 game) so if she had some magic attacks or procs it would be interesting prose or make out to be good emotes with the rank/level up game and passive system to get some other bonuses per warframe, such as glyphs and tatooes, or operator/school things, exclusive goods at shops, and relays to give some special mods and rewards with forma and mastery merits, pvp, pve side i dont play protea just trying to help.
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16 hours ago, (XB1)FMJHUSTL said:

Correct me if im wrong but i am having issuse getting Protea to die in GranumVoid Mission any tips or hints are appreciated. It seems to me no matter what her health always rebuilds to max. Thank you. 



She's supposed to do that, the idea is to charge the Xoris by detonating it near those specters then gun down Protea until she starts using Temporal Anchor, that's the name of the skill. You throw the Xoris and detonate it in her face. Protea freezes for a couple of seconds so get charging the Xoris again and repeat. Every bar you Xoris charged she cannot rewind with Temporal Anchor so keep on her until she falls.

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What's stopping Rewind from using the time warp mechanic from Prince of Persia?  It's one of the most beloved platforming games ever and the mechanic would feel GREAT with Warframe movement!

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