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Recent Alert Mission (Dark Sword Blueprint) 10/15/2013 -- (Door Bugs & Stalker Bugs)


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This was incredibly irritating. Spy mission.

levels 121-123 Grineer


First Attempt: bad group -- finally got all the pieces, running for exit like madman... door bugged out, open but couldn't go through. quit.


Second Attempt: Good group, got pieces, made it to extraction. level 141 stalker spawned. we downed him. (saw him hit 0 life, saw him fall over dead. He then stood back up and proceeded to keep stomping on us. No damage would apply to him. We extracted.


Additionally -- I've killed this punk 4-5 times since the last hot-fix. I've seen him drop blueprints (pink orbs) and i've yet to get a single one once the mission was complete. I'm assuming this is related to the assassination changes. (blueprints are awarded as mission completion items instead of drops) 


Just though I'd throw this out there, maybe someone is listening?

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I think it's just RNG being RNG again, I got dread last night from Stalker.


As for the blueprints, for some reason they don't show as drops on your screen, or even at extraction (which probably is a bug). But, they are still given and should still be in your foundry like my dread was.

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Man what are the stupid odd chances will he EVER stalk me?! I missed him since I killed him last time like... 2 months ago, wad?

I just wish right now I that the bugs you guys encountered with the Stalker at least.



How did the door bug out for you? Invisible door that doesn't let you pass? Green door, lets team pass but not you? 

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Door issues:


this seems to happen more often on survival during host migration, but it's happened to me on basically every single type of mission. with or without host migration, with or without a laggy host.


You'll run up to a door that's open already (which is your first clue) -- try to walk through and you're stuck (like it's still closed)

Mobs can shoot through it, (as if it were open) but you can't.

Mobs can walk through (as if it were open) but you can't.

other tenno can walk through (as if it were open) but you can't.

additionally, firing at the open door area shows rounds impacting an invisible door.


inevitably this is the door one needs to go through to reach extraction.

VERY frustrating on survival missions, but on spy missions (when carrying a datapack) it's equally game-breaking. (unless someone else wants to run back, get the datapack and then return to the extraction) leaving you standing idly by while mobs shoot you through a door you can't interact with.


VERY occasionally, running back beyond the doors visible range will reset it, but this might have happened to me once out of all the times i've run into this.

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