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Some (Perhaps Silly) Sentinel Mod Ideas (Response To Loki's Invisibility)


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Many of these ideas were conceived in response to a topic which was opposed to the way Loki didn't cloak his Sentinel with his Invisibility. Rather than nerf Loki's unique mechanic, I thought it would be more progressive to expand upon it.


A consumable to revive your Sentinel would be interesting. (It could cost Morphics or something.)


I didn't put any thought into costs or conclave ratings into the mix, for the most part. You guys can talk about that here. Some of these ideas ought to be pretty expensive. Others, not so much. Posted in Warframe feedback because Sentinels are in the Warframe section of our stat tracking page.


Also ignore the pictures. I just thought it felt empty so I threw them in to spice things up. The artwork doesn't belong to me. :)

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I like these.

The problem is that a lot of them involve sacrificing your sentinel one way or another. I think that if these are implemented, there should be a (slow and somewhat unwieldy) way to revive or "repair" the Sentinel in missions (similar to in Vindictus, where you can go to a corner away from battle and slowly use an Armor Repair kit if your chestplate fell apart or something).

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Thanks for the comments, guys.


I don't see a problem with sacrificing Sentinels. (The Self Destruct and Spare Parts mods which already exist set precedent for it, too.) That said, I agree that there ought to be a way to revive our Sentinels mid-mission. I'd think a consumable which costs a rare resource should be implemented. (Morphics seems like the obvious choice. Control Modules might also be a bit over-saturated thanks to the void.) This way players couldn't revive Sentinels just to exploit Spare Parts.


As a matter of fact, I'd really like to see Sentinels act more like... "sentinels." IE: Protecting us and junk instead of just serving as a free-floating extra gun.


By the way, as of today, I think Loki cloaks Sentinels.

I'm sad. :(

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