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New Game Type: Stealth Mission.


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This is a suggestion thread.

Since it's a ninja game.

It would be more fitting if we were stealthier than this.

For ninjas we're awfully loud.


Not sure if this has been suggested before?

I searched the forum and I only found suggestions for Stealth Kills to be Insta Kill.


Anyway, it would be nice to have a mission where everyone has to be stealthy and mission will only be accomplished if you finish the objective and get to extraction without being detected. Being seen by a couple of enemies will probably be fine, so long as they don't raise the alarm. That means taking them out quickly.

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I agree, at least in a sense. Perhaps it may because I'm doing it run, but as it stands, trying to do a mission in stealth seems... lacking, stealth as a whole could benefit from a total overhaul.


One example that roles off the top of my head is having the ability to stealth kill an enemy, even if they are alerted, but they can't see you.

I.E. being a loki or ash, alerting the whole ship of your presence, and invising yourself to sneak past the enemies who are still aiming their weapons at your last known location, going up to them from behind and stealth attacking.

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I think any mission could be a stealth mission, but I'd hate to see a "mission failed" just by being caught. Even outside your idea, I had a thought of how this could work out.

There should be 'Security Terminals' spawning throughout the map. If you get caught, you need to fight your way to this specialize terminal and perform a hack (maybe a more difficult one, or 3 in a row in a certain time) to "turn off" the alarm.

In your stealth variant idea, maybe there's an "Alarm" level that decreases in % the longer the enemies are in Alert mode. If it goes to 0%, then the mission is over.

But what's the objective of a stealth mission? Kill everyone without anyone knowing?

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do a mission with out being detected you get rewards from table A

get caught the mission objectives charge and you get rewards from table B


what the mission objective are before you get caught could be anything really


always been dying to have a real assassination mission, hack this then that to turn off the lights/lock the doors

wall run into a vent to find the commander of the ship in his fancy chair with exotic space luxuries, split him open and leave, security all over looking for you, lotus going on about assault teams approaching would actually be helpful

moving on to lock down an area for extraction

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