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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]

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"Operator, I must apologize for and unexpected puns that may occur. I am thinking of ways to PUNish myself should they continue to happen.  *start glitch* ANOTHER?! *end glitch* Oh, this just won't do, do you think the Corupus have a PUNitentiary for cephalons?"

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im not good with jokes or puns but here i go:

"oh! operator! you have came back from a kuva lich mission? did he/she/it steal something that (distortion) makes you want to rip its head off-  you want back?"

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tried to make the corrupt text more readable (edit 2) its hard to read the corrupt text so i removed it
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Operator, I have questions... 

1. Why are grineer called grineer when they do not grin?

2. Why are corpus called corpus when they are not dead yet?

3. How do infested pilot a ship? Are they smarter than ordis?


Sorry I have 3 but I do bring these up in discord alot... and ordos tends to be that way.

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"Operator, an old ancient record from Earth's past has been uncovered and I think it represents very well this situation"

(voice goes a bit deranged) "THERE IS NO KILL LIKE OVERKILL"

"I apologize Operator, but I seem to be in need of maintenance after that one"


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