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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]

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After exiting into infested room to get rid of the tumor-like enfested thing this plays

"Operator? Ordis wonders , who programmed Ordis. Ordis think Ordis has a bu-"   'Distorted glitchy voice'  "Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Ki-" Normal voice "Operater? Whats wrong with me?"   'Glitch voice'     "Kil Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kil-"     Normal voice    "Operater? I think Ordis needs maintenance."  During the glitches the doors to the infested room should open and close.


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How many Operators do you need to change a lightbulb? ... *Glitching* TENNO'r so!
Don't make that expression, Operator, Ordis will never repeat this fault.

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Operator, Ordis wonders why are you sitting around in your ship. If you could using your time to be creating more bloody battles. I like bloody battles. Do you like bloody battles? [deep voice] me too.




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Oh, Operator, Ordis wants to present a poem for the operator

Kuva is red, Asterite is blue

Why won't Cephalon Cy let me on Railjack missions with you

The operator looks good, they spend a lot of time on their hair

The operator is my life, they keep stealing Vay Hek's air

The operator helps Fortuna and Cetus

In return they welcome us

I am Ordis, the operator's Cephalon

Oh how I wish that infested room would be gone

Thank you for listening, Operator

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"Did You know that Baro Ki'teer tried to collect me once tenno!? But i told him, *Ordis vocalizes a brief hammer-time theme* Cant-touch-Or-dis"


idk if vocalizing the music a tiny bit would be copyright but if not i think its funny and cute and made me laugh a lil when making it up haha

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