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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]


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"You have to admit, Operator, the Corpus really know how to run a business! You have to give them... credit!"
*Angry* I can't take it anymore. ENOUGH!
*Normal* E... Nef? Eh? Eh?
*Angry* I'm swear I'm going to-
*Normal* Hmm, I definitely require maintenance.

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*you finished building your weapon in the foundry* or *you equipped it in your arsenal*

Ordis must say what an Excellent choice operator, I'm certain it won't shoot blanks *GLITCH* "unlike those Grineer".......... It seems there was a glitch in my system. Ordis must tend to this. 

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Hello there,


Here goes, it's a reference to one of my favorite cartoons.

"operator...operator...I found a button...what does it do...can I pushhhhh....system rebooting!"

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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