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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]

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Thank you again for your incredible submissions! Design Council voting has determined the final placement of the Top 10 winners. The Top 3 will be recorded and added in-game when the Warframe Team is back in the studio after working-from-home. We look forward to it! Congratulations to all the winners.

You can watch the full winner reveal on our Home Time #14 live stream:

Official Winner List:

  1. After returning from the Rail Jack: “Operator, would it be alright if I -ANNIHILATE- speak with that other Cephalon? No, I’m not jealous, why would you think that?” - GizMax

  2. “Who is a cute Domestik Drone? [Glitch voice] You are, that’s who! Oh, Operator, Ordis didn't see you there.” - Steregrin

  3. [Frame Fighter Noises] “Sorry, Ordis shall play with the volume off.” - L1ghtning_

  4. “Operator! I have wonderful news. Your Argon crystals are expiring! - UsE TheM yOu wAsteFul - I suggest you make good use of them as soon as possible.” - GenoBeast1910

  5. “Knock, Knock! ... Now who would be knocking all the way out here?! Operator, I don't think you should answer that.” - Corvus-115

  6. “Operator, I am sorry - happy - to report that all my good jokes Argon.” - RoboJoe256

  7. “Operator, the Sentients won't laugh at my jokes!  Did they adapt to my humor?” - Edetha

  8. TIE “Operator, I'm picking up a distress signal... Oh, no, it's just Corpus adverts using emergency frequencies to avoid spam filters again.” - Shelneroth

  9. TIE “Operator, Ordis has been communicating with the Foundry’s AI Precepts. I believe we have forged a new connection!” - HowWesWasOne

  10. “Operator, do you know which finger the corpus use to count their money? The Index!” - Raozwire


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