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System won't count Wukong's clone damage dealt for non-host player


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Firstly, I would like to tell that I made this post about wukong's clone/umbra's sentient/equinox's clone many years ago, but it seem like this problem still exist so here we go. 

- the system recognize wukong's clone damage dealt only when the player is the host

- Non-host player who use wukong's clone have less damage dealt because the clone steal their kills and the system won't recognize it as the player's damage dealt 

How to fix? 
1. Don't count wukong's clone damage dealt for both host and non-host (In case DE think that counting damage dealt support people to afk)
2. Count wukong's clone damage dealt for both host and non-host (In my opinion, wukong's clone is a part of wukong skill, it should count toward player's damage dealt or else I don't know why would I use a skill that decrease my damage dealt, I might as well just change to other warframe)

P.S. Please help wukong main player who have wukong prime as most used warframe and also bought wukong prime access, I just want the system to work how it suppose to work. :crylaugh:

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damage dealt doesnt work for a lot of things if someone else is host. examples - pyrana prime(might extend to all pellet based weapons), concentrated shot for Ivara, etc.

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