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Rhino Wep


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Lex.  Kill stuff at a distance while walking toward them.

Dual Zoren to close the distance (or stun lock stuff if you have to melee) instead of reloading the Lex.

Shotgun in the face after you close the distance.


As far as build goes.  The melee aura maxed because rifle amp doesn't help with shotguns.

Then Rhino Skin and Focus because focus bumps rhino skin's ability.  Pretty much all you need.  For defense and boss runs Rhino stomp is cool too.

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ignoring the min/max weapons, and instead, weapons that are sort've purpose built for the frame:


Strun Wraith, Boar Prime, Sobek, Ignis, (Ogris & Torid could also be possibilities)

Bronco(dual is more detrimental than helpful for Rhino), Bronco Prime, Seer, AKBolto, Gremlins, (Vipers are a possibility, as well as Vastos)

Dual Zoren, Galatine, Kestrel, Gram, Hate, Orthos Family, Dual Ichor, Plasma Sword


what i meant by that, was weapons that would really benefit from Rhino's general purpose powers, including avoiding taking damage of any kind most of the time, damage boost, and long lasting Crowd Control. Smash Mouth gameplay, essentially(bonus points to anyone who knows that Brutal Legend reference).

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you mean to say dual broncos instead of dual vastos correct? i mean vastos are good at range too. if you want to stay up close to peoples faces definately dual broncos. on a  sidenote my preferences for rhino are flux,acrid,galantine.


Vastos was the manliest ranged weapon I could think of. You never want enemies to mock you at 50meters without having a manly answer to that distance.

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Strun Wraith




Useful on every single warframe in the entire game. There really ain't class specific weapons that are good for them. If a weapon deals massive amount of damage you pick that. If it doesn't, you just level it up to 30 and sell it.

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