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Appearance Resets (Colors/look) Of Warframes/sentinels/weapons


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This keeps happening to me when I try to give my babies new paint jobs as of late..


I'll change the colors to what I want but as soon as I go to change one again or say change the mask. It resets to the previously "saved" colors/look.


I've had it happen with my Warframes, and my weapons.




When I just exited out of that window it took me to this.




When I tried to exit from there it took about 30, or so seconds of patiently hitting exit before it did exit.


Once back at the star map I hit Arsenal again, and this is what I got.. Everything as it should be.




Upon closer examination I noticed also that the stats were off between what they say in IMAGE#1, and IMAGE#2 vs. The stats in IMAGE#3.


Just fyi. ;)


Ciao for now.






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