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Player's Profile Page Suggestion (3D Environment)


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How about each player having a personal profile page showing all frames, sentinels and weapons that he/she owns?


I suggest a "3D environment" personal space, with walls showing different weaponry and defeated boss heads (as in a trophy room), and some nice spot displaying the possessed frames and sentinels. The ceiling or the sky could show the star chart with the unlocked planets. The visitor could then walk around and see things from different angles.


It could be customized in terms of looks (ice cave, void chambers, desert, lava, etc.) and interactivity (maybe even try out the available weapons, besides the usual messaging, send or get gifts, and the sorts).


If it's all too complicated, then a normal "static" profile page (maybe with a few sections) would do, as in many standard multi-player games.


It could be visible only for the player him/herself or open to everyone else in the lobby/friend's list.

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I think a static profile page would suffice, personally. But I agree that a players profile should include what Frames you're working with, as well as their respective statistics and mod set ups. I don't really care much for each weapon a player owns, but perhaps we could limit this to whatever weapon sets they have equipped. Same could go for Sentinals and their weapon setups, I suppose.


On that note, even if it was a static page, (I.E. no animated interactive trophy rooms), I wouldn't see why it would be too difficult to incorporate a reusable stock image of each warframe, but painted in the same sense that your actual frame is set up.


You're on to something man, perhaps if they ever make a Warframe API or something, an independent developer could work on exactly what you're talking about!

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