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Idea: Planet Void


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Probably posted by someone a thousand times but whatever. I just wanted a way to not be the host of void missions but still burn my keys. The Void "planet" will let you form a party, then anyone in the group can plug a key in.

How to find: Just have the star map up and press Shift or Use Selected Power. (Or less work, just make the Void Keys button send you there.)
Your view will zoom over and you will see- The Sun/Cat / just a door floating in space with missions on screen. You are now in the Void lobby.
Planet Map Layout: Rows of Mission Nodes.
Tier 1
Capture---Exterminate---Defense---Mobile Defense---Survival
Tier 2
Capture---Exterminate---Defense---Mobile Defense---Survival
Tier 3
Notes: Just viewing the Void makes a lobby like any other planet‘s map. But it is Friends and Invite only as there is no automatic match maker like when you click a normal mission.
If you don't have the proper key you can't start that mission. They are locked. If you still try, you will receive a pop-up telling you that you don't have that Void Key in your inventory. 
So you just Invite a person who does own the correct key to your lobby. That person can then select the desired mission, unlocking it for the group. The host and party can now click on the mission and jump to the 10 sec ready countdown and start the mission.

If the key bearer were to disappear during the mission, the group would be forced out of the mission immediately.
After a Mission the party is brought back to the Void Planet where “Good Game” or "Go again?" may be tossed around. The host’s party can start another void mission as long as the correct key bearer clicks the mission first.
Some issues: Now allows non-hosts to use their keys, but does not resolve connection issues like Strict Nat.
-In addition to the new area(s) on the Galaxy Map, DE has to write a code that checks for the right key in the inventory of the person who clicks a mission and possibly prompt a “Are you sure you want to use X Key?”. 

-The Derelicts would need map a map or have to squeeze into a spot off to the side. Maybe there should first be a menu displaying three doors marked with Dojo, Void and Derelict. Clicking each would bring you to the proper lobby so you can form the party.
-Purely cosmetic and just for show now that I really think about it. The DE could just decide and make it so you use the Void Keys button while in the normal lobby. Then you'd be free to drag the party straight  from Terminus to T3 Defense.
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