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Idea: Out Of Mission Ship For Tenno.


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Tenno Ship: This ship serves as a Tenno's "house" this "house" is used to get to mission briefs. The extraction ship is stored on this larger vassal. This ship would have the same concept as the Hyperion from the Starcraft 2 campaign. A place for a Tenno to exist outside of missions and the perplexing dojo that has a strange, un-solidified structure. This ship would use an altered version of the current UI, players could access the foundry, the market, the armory, etc. as easily as they do now by switching between with the click of a button, but Tenno could also choose to access each device on the ship. This ship would be relatively small, made for a single Tenno, but large enough because a Tenno is a high value asset to the Lotus. There would be a solidified version of each menu on the ship, the armory would be an actual machine/area. The foundry would be a machine, etc. Remember, by allowing for Tenno to still navigate each menu by simply selecting it once in the UI, there is no efficiency negated from the system. The background would perhaps change when switching from say the armory to the market, but asides from that players have the option to use the UI as quickly as they do now. There would be views of space and the region a Tenno is located through windows on the ship, so if you recently completed a Phobos mission, Phobos would be visible from certain views of space. There could, perhaps be a merchant/ai robot on board that served as the market.

I feel like Warframe lacks immersion, something DE has yet to capitalize on. This would be a very worthwhile addition to the game, further solidifying the Warframe universe. Currently we experience randomized, reality-daunting close spaced maps, and then transition to the detached UI.

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