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Impending Doom Recruiting


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Hi there! I'm DexterityFW, I got by Dex. My friend Gyrosckope and I are now recruiting for our clan Impending Doom. At this moment we are a small clan of 4: Gyrosckope(founder), me (co-founder), and two others. We are hoping to grow and are incouraging anyone who wants to be a part of the beginning of something that will grow.


Pros of joining us:

-We are friendly



-on at least once a day

-constantly working on the dojo (infact I'm in it right now)


Cons of joining us:

-If you're looking for a quick way to get blueprints, you won't find it here, at least not yet

-Gyro and I are mostly on skype when we play, so we might be a little unresponsive during a match

-If you have an adversion to feeling important you don't want to be here.


Add me and/or Gyrosckope if you interested in joining


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