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Public Test Cluster: Opt-in Key Lottery #2!

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Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.

Nvm, why even bother, you guys wont change a thing from it based on feedback anyway, its just higher level missions and possibly better rewards, i can just give ya the feedback now and i dont even need to play it to know everybody will probably be saying the same things:

1 - The update is just a level increase, there isn't additional objectives like we got in the plains or fortuna, stuff like "Do this defense mission without the objective taking any damage" or whatever, something to keep people engaged, level increase means nothing, we can already deal with lvl 9999 stuff if we wanted to, no sweat.

2 - Why the hell do we have to pick the harder difficulty on a mission per mission basis? Why isn't this system like Mayhem mode in BL3 that you flip a switch and boom all missions are now scaled up? (here praying someone already figured that one out and changed that from the devstream it was showed, cuz you know, people will complain about this on... alot, and you WILL change it eventually, so just do yourselves a favor and do it before release).

3 - Rewards too low REEE (but this one im pretty sure will be ignored, cuz we all know very well you guys are very methodical on how you distribute loot, so im sure rewards is a topic you guys are 100% set on already and i doubt any feedback will change that).

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