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The Community Is Officially Confused. About Vault, And Vault


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Ok so awhile back we called treasure rooms in the void Vault, and now DE has released vault which is an actual vault requiring a key to open.


So now we must ask ourselves... Now that DE has added THE Vault to the game. Should we really keep calling the treasure rooms with the traps vaults too? Personally I just call them treasure rooms, or we could call them Indiana Jones rooms lol. At the moment we have a topic addressing vaults, but as I read through it some people were talking about OD vault, and some people were talking about the booby trapped vaults(Treasure Rooms).


Which I can see causing some confusion till we eventually clear this up. So how about we start now. For those who don't know DE added a VAULT to the game you can look at it on the front page news of this website. Now that you have gone and looked at it, you now know there is THE VAULT, and that the booby trapped rooms can no longer be called vaults anymore because it will confuse the community... Stop doing it...


Thank you


Also if you don't stop doing it, then your on your own when the community starts tripping over its shoe laces confusing the entire topic.

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Proposed terminology that me and my friends use, which only refers to rooms that commonly drop mods from boxes:

room with lots of turrets and a surface single box and two lockers in each cove = crappy loot room

loot room with lasers and wall running added with first set of void missions = parkour room 1.0

loot room with falling down laser hole and lift after new tile additions = parkour room 2.0

loot room with more complex obstacle course and 3 doors that close = super parkour room

loot room with laser trap in center and water on floor added in original tiles = bad ending (could have been a park our room)

loot rooms in orokin derelicts are grouped together = waste of time

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 Treasure room and Vault might be a good distinction.  Another might be to continue calling the void treasure rooms vaults, and call the derelict treasure rooms, dragons.  They are dragon keys after all.


 Still, if you are in the recruiting chat looking for a run, most people are calling the new rooms vaults.  So we are probably stuck with vault for the new rooms.

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