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Fang Prime Or Dual Ichor



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Dual Ichor.


So much better than Fang Prime.


They do similar damage but Ichor has one thing...it crits.


Pair that with Berserker and you have yourself on great melee weapon.


This is coming from someone who used both weapons.


Killing Grineer on Ceres in one melee swing is beautiful.

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Ichors. Fang Prime's better when they're both unmodded, but Ichor starts to shine over the exact instant you start building up on its critical chance.

Once you get a full crit build ready, Ichors are the best Dual melees in the game.

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Fully modded how different is the damage?

Ichor deals more damage with Crits than Fang Prime does on quick strikes, with only a Crit Chance mod.

they also deal Poison damage on quick strikes, which is probably the second best damage type in the game (the 'best' being Serrated Blade)


Ichor deal more damage than Fang Prime does by a small margin on Charge Attacks.

Ichor Deal Serrated Blade damage on Charge Attacks.


Ichor also have a marginally better ROF over Fang Prime.


ichor charge up marginally faster than Fang Prime.


Fang Prime has a superior range and damage & damage type on ground smash attacks.


Ichor have a max target count of 3 to Fang Primes' 1.

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