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I have a new warframe idea


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Unlike all available frames, this warframe can be changed to give body parts different features. Many warframes can use different skins, but this does not affect their abilities. This will be different. For example, when we use head A, our first ability will be control-oriented when we use head B for damage. We can only change them from our arsenal. In addition, this warframe will not carry weapons. All the weapons we want to use will be mounted on the shoulders and arms in the arsenal. Melee weapons will only be added to change the properties of their own special weapon. This weapon will be beam swords that vary according to body parts.

Especially its fourth ability will not change depending on body parts. Using this ability will combine with another warframe as a kind of armor and attachment. As the other player receives all the armor and strength we have, we will be able to use our other abilities by sharing the vision of the other player. We can also use our weapons mounted on the other player's shoulders in the same way. In a sense, we will turn ourselves into a sentinel. So it will be a warframe, many parts of which are interchangeable.

The rest of the features are pretty easy to set up.

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