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We all know the game is a lot of "tiles", rooms that are randomly arranged into a cohesive semblance of a level.


There's some bugs that are specific to some rooms, and some secrets that are specific to some rooms, and it's often difficult to share this info because we currently use qualitative descriptions of the rooms, like "The defense room of xini". We all know what "the defense room of xini" looks like, but some of the other instantly-recognizable places are quite hard to describe.


It would make sense if we started up a master numbering list, assigning each tile a simple number, like "orokin void room 2", or "grineer galleon room 11". A few establishing shots to show exactly what we're talking about, including a good map one, should be included. That way, once we've established a list, we can just say "there's a bug in the top ledge of corpus ship room 12" instead of going through lengthy descriptions to try and paint out what we're talking about.


There's only so many rooms, so it shouldn't be too hard. Establishing this will help both our communications with DE, and eachother, for a more streamlined approach.

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