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Rng Vault Rewards


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Is it just me or is it that the drop rate of certain corrupted mods really low i.e. "heavy caliber" and some of the shot gun mods?

I don't think its a random drop system, i truly believe some mods are rarer than others cause i ran over 60 plus missions and no heavy caliber but yet i get 5 or more of the other mods, this is driving me bonkers.

Can this be confirmed, what is your luck?

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Never seen blind rage, 15+ runs so far.

I had 3 heavy caliber drops so far though.


1 blind rage, no heavy calibur.

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Finally got it on my 57th run and it sucks knowing that some people got it with just a couple of runs, some even on their first.

Still missing Tainted Mag but I'm not willing to farm for it.

Also the vault are a good source of rare mods for transmutation.

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Yep. It took me about 50 runs to get all the mods, a few duplicates of some that I wanted. (you really don't want to max all of these mods in some cases)

My gut feeling is that the drop chances for these mods is perfectly even. It's not a hammershot/blaze thing where someone can run 1000 times and never get what they're looking for.

I wish there were vaults in regular void missions for mods like quick thinking, whirlwind, etc. I'll gladly spend a void key knowing I'm going to get a useful rare mod. (that's not an ability mod)

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Out of about 45 vault runs (4 of which bugged out and gave me no mod), these are the mods I've got:


Blind Rage 2
Burdened Magazine 3
Corrupt Charge 4
Critical Delay 1
Fleeting Expertise 3
Heavy Caliber 1
Hollow Point 3
Magnum Force 0
Narrow Minded 2
Overextended 6
Spoiled Strike 6
Tainted Clip 5
Tainted Mag 2
Tainted Shell 1
Vicious Spread 0
Vile Precision 2

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If its weighted...then its not RNG.

Yes it is. Let's say there are 3 items in a drop table, and a random number is generated from 1-100 to determine which drops: 1-50 is 1 (50%), 51-85 is 2 (35%), 86-100 is 3 (15%). It's still random - there's a chance that you'll roll 1-50 10 times in a row; there's a chance that you'll roll 86-100 10 times in a row; hell, there's even a chance you'll roll 100 10 times in a row. It's all random.


The database has been encrypted, no thanks to DE -_- . So the folks at reddit can't datamine info anymore 

Then they better just release drop tables for void and stuff...

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