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Whats The Common Mod That You Can Never Get?


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took me 60 hours 44 minutes to get serration. (i checked)


however this isn't common but it is FREAKING NECESSARY! :(


(now i have like 12 of them)

I got serration over 10 times, yet hornet strike.....oh boy....i will probably stop playing, or the game will shut down before i get one.....talking about "necessary mods"....i actualy made me forget about sidearms untill i get it.....and it will take a while...

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No common mod, but Narrow Minded and Blaze really get me... feels like 1000 runs for them, no show :(


Here my list of mods I am missing


Narrow minded




Shield Flux

Primed chamber (still wonder if this is transmutable)

Steady Hands

Self Destruct



Edit: Got Steady Hands :)

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still not get it :

-shield flux

i wonder its only transmuteable or dropped by some faction enemies..


Hornet strike took me 65 hours to get, I finally got it off a nightmare mission last week as the reward. I didn't even know it was possible to get it from nightmare missions...

for serration/hornet strike, try survival mission

i got it when survival mission as reward on mimas-saturn, palus-pluto, lilith-europa.. 

its dropped too on cassini-saturn survival mission by grinner..

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