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[Request] Chance to Gain Combo and Additional Combo Count Chance should be one stat

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This issue mostly comes from rivens having this stat. If you get plus/neg additional combo count chance, you either get a very fast building combo bonus on positive or a regular combo builder on negative,making it a harmless negative. With chance to gain combo count is far more confusing and a unnecessary new stat that breaks your melee weapon if it’s negative, basically if you have neg 100 chance to gain combo, it turns your default combo counter from one to zero. Meaning your combo will never rise!! Having two different stats with nearly the same wording is confusing! There are two mods with positive additional combo count chance but no mods with “chance to gain combo” in the game. Thus is the first stat in game which isn’t derived from a mod. *Correction: This stat only exists on Guardian Derision. It’ll save alot of us, the confusion and misfortune, if the “Additional Combo count chance” become the primary stat and “chance to gain combowas gone since both of the stats primarily fulfill the same purpose of building combo count so that single mod Guardian Derision would be changed to “additional combo count chance” and the stat won’t break melee weapons anymore.

^ a reference of how the -2% (100-102) chance to gain combo breaks melee 

@[DE]Danielle would appreciate if this was reviewed somewhat. Thank you 

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