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Bloodshed Sigil for Operator in Profile

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When in profile view the Bloodshed Sigil is shown on the Warframe, but NOT on the Operator. That's strange because other sigils on the Operator work.

Could you please fix this. Thanks

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On 2020-06-30 at 7:15 PM, AZZEL said:

That's strange because other sigils on the Operator work.

+1 to always show Bloodshed Sigil on the operator in profile, just like other sigils/ephemeras

  • Observed:
    • From personal point of view, bloodshed sigil is not shown on the operator by default.
      • While in Arsenal, switching loadout then viewing profile again shows bloodshed sigil on the operator.
      • While in Navigation, switching loadout then viewing profile again doesn't show bloodshed sigil on the operator.
    • From other players' point of view, no idea if bloodshed sigil on the operator (or even on the warframe) is shown or not  other players see bloodshed sigil on the warframe by default but not on the operator.
    • TL;DR: bloodshed sigil visibility on the operator is inconsistent in profile view.
  • Expected: In Profile View, equipped bloodshed sigil on the warframe or operator should be shown by default to all players. Like other sigils and ephemeras. On the warframe or on the operator. Consistency.


P.S. At the very least, please consistently show bloodshed sigil in the profile... given that it won't be shown on the warframe or operator in hubs with no foes, since nobody can attack you to trigger it. LOL.


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+update +PS
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