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STARGAZER : A Octavia Skin Concept

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Hi guys~ 

Is Rina here and I brought to you a Octavia Skin design that i created half a year ago 

( Almost forget about it lol)

here's some original artworks that I have drawn a year ago



And then here's the 3D model i crated using MUDBOX~






and then some turntable movies~ 


Thanks for watching~ hope you like it and Cya

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turntables VIDEO added
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While admittively very nice. Something I myself would want, DE are not accepting unique models for Warframe skins, only for the Helmets which can come as part of a skin or seperately.

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I like the design and would love to use it. Sadly as stated above me. De doesn't accept unique body models for tennogen.

Sadly octis only body model thst presently has proper femanine curves is her deluxe.  Hopefully her prime will be nice and curvey to.

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