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Excalibur - Weapons



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You lvl up your mastery by lvling weapons/frames (like mk-1 braton to 30max)(excalibur 30)

well for starters just get the *braton* its quite easy to get and its powerful.

sidearms, try getting the kunai.

melee(not that really important) try getting cronus from vor.

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Fammia gave a good answer but I would like to expand a bit on it.


If you like Excalibur and would like to stick with him, i.e. not ditch him as soon as you get Rhino at Venus then I would suggest that you get a Shotgun for him, a easy shotgun to get is "Strun" I believe it is still 75000 credits in the store. A shotgun is a good choice for Excalibur because he is a mobile frame, super jump, slash dash and radial blind lets the excalibur move about the battlefield pretty much as he wishes.


For sidearm I would recomend "Aklato" also available for credits in the store (20000-25000), they are decent and will serve you well untill you get into considerably higher game content.


Melee doesnt matter much as I guess you dont really have a lot of mods for it right now, like Fammia said get "Cronus" from captain vor, it is quite cheap to build.



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well sun-shire, first of all...get u rank up to 2, by lv up all newbie stuff they gave you


then...Excalibur is a all-Terran bicycle, not fragile, not tank, so he's pretty much suit for (mostly) any weapon you can give him


still for combo with his skill:


1/ use a melle that have the ability to knock down enemies while using AoE (air attack); or good charge damage

2/ a shotgun or Sniper

3/ any twin weapon

Excalibul first 3 skill is all about combo Jump/Charge attack. While the ultimate skill is for the "WTF WILL I DO NOW" Panic button


1st skill is "Slash Dash" AKA the Grunt Mowers, which is 100% staggering enemies, and make you immune to Any bad effect enemies give to you. Use to charge to the middle of the enemies, or run/against from knock-down attack

2nd "Radial Blind" as we all know, a CC stun which created a golden opportunity for aim head-shot, use charge attack, run always from the crow, buy time to revive teammate ect...ect... or just simply to look awesome

3rd skill "Super Jump" which is the most Cheapest skill in-game, Make you Become Mario and jump on tall obstacles (one per use). it got 3 use, to jump on higher ground, to open a deadly Jump attack, or combine with 1st skill to reach far away in short time

4th THE ALMIGHTY "Radial Javelin" which is fire a bunch of giant tooth-pick deal 1000 Damage each. Well they work the same as Paris Arrow: Deal damage to enemies behind them if 1st one is die; Do not go thought object; 1 enemies may hit more ten 1 time; and the only enemies who's immune to this skill... it's Grineer Shield Lancer


..for more into...

check wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Excalibur_(Warframe)

Crash Core: 

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Actually, the Panic Button is 2 (Radial Blind) or just plain Slash-dash (that also has the benefit of moving you out of the way if aimed right).


Slash-dash is the main and most important ability. If you trigger it on a group of enemies it's likely that you will ger back the energy it costed you as a blue orb, so there is no reason to not spam it whenever there is a bunch of enemies close together.


Radial Javelin is very powerful but uuuuhhhh.... it's 100 energy man. Using it once is likely going to leave your Excal dry.

It's going to rock later when you will have mods that decrease the cost (Streamline) or increase power pool (Flow), or in Defense/Survival missions where there are blue orbs everywhere. For now it's probably better to leave it out and use the points for something else.


Also, ckeck the wiki's page about the bundles and special offers, there is a sweet offer of cheap plat plus Dark Sector still available.


Most plat should go to buy warframe and weapon slots.


A good fun secondary is Hikou. It's like a Kunai dealing half damage but shooting twice as fast. And permastaggering Ancients and other Infested.

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