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Couple Of Bugs I Noticed...


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Couple of bugs I noticed while playing with my sons over the weekend...


1. Seems like every once in a while, my melee key and my use key stop working for a short period of time during a session. It will eventually start working again, but.. eh.

2. Sometimes, my melee key gets stuck. So I'm running around with my dual Zorens, and my Warframe is giving itself a big hug, arms wrapped around itself ready to strike, but can't, and not able to melee or shoot for about 10 seconds. I'm never sure what I'm doing to get it 'unstuck' but it eventually does 'unstick'.

3. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but when we kill the Stalker, is it supposed to freeze there shooting like a Loki decoy?

4. The faces of masked Grineer seem to turn completely black if they are on fire.

5. Sometimes doorway openings will be white for a second. Like the game is culling for optimization, but switching the cull off too slowly.

6. On closed doors, when approaching from a distance, before the LOD changes to full, there is white around (or on) the lower resolution LODs.

7. Not sure if this is considered a bug, but the health stats for player and teammates covers the chat box.

8. Hostage stops moving on occasion.

9. Sometimes doors will not open until the enemy re-locks them and you are able to unlock and go...

10. Those teleport Grineers during a couple of sessions passed me around like a hot potato, back and forth until the session failed. I got so disoriented, I almost vomited.

11. Nitpick, flashing textures every once in a while. Seems like some of the models/meshes may be fighting for z-axis or something.

... can't think of anything else at the moment. Love the game.

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New time poster here so please forgive me if this has been brought up already,

I too get the melee lock, the random hug thing happens too but I find it's like it hasn't registered you releasing the melee key if you press your melee key it usually just let's a charged attack go,

As for stalkers, been having the problem lately killing them then they kneel down as if to disappear then regen full health and shields and stand up starting to shoot everyone.. At which point they are invincible...

One other random thing happening occasionally is that you kill a corpus etc and then there just becomes a floating gun (invisible enemy) who's dead.. And the gun continues to fire and deals damage even though the enemy has been killed.. Has happened to a few people I know too

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